Find Great Ideas For Kitchen Canister Sets for Your Home.

Welcome to -we think kitchen canisters sets are a critical part of any kitchen decorating theme , so it’s worth taking a bit of time to choose the right set. And goodness knows, there are plenty to pick from in today’s marketplace! Let’s review some of the different canisters that are available and how they would fit into your kitchen decorating scheme.

It’s first important to remember that kitchen accessories are meant to compliment your decorating scheme, so you don’t want to try and have everything match exactly. This is where a number of do-it-yourself decorators go wrong … if they choose cobalt blue for a wall color, they attempt to use cobalt blue for every little detail in the room. It’s important to remember that a little bit of color goes a long way, and the same is true of themes and patterns. For example, if you choose roosters as a theme for your country kitchen, you may want to chose a fun set of rooster canisters, but you’ll want to balance this very trendy theme by using solid colored dish towels and a simple pattern on the wallpaper that is anything but roosters.

The following are a few of the more popular choices in kitchen canister sets. We’ve included a few ideas on how to use each to its best advantage.

Glass Canister Set

A set of glass kitchen canisters works well in a variety of different kitchen decorating themes . Because the glass itself is a neutral color, it can coordinate with just about any theme, color or pattern. The trick is making sure that the style of the canister set is in line with the style of your kitchen. If you have a country-style kitchen, with oak cabinets and blue accents, your glass canister set should have rounded edges and a lot of detail.

But if you have chosen a more modern kitchen design, with sleek ebony cabinets and white marble counters, you’ll want to choose a glass canister that has clean straight lines and minimal design details.

You can even use glass canisters in an old world kitchen, if you shop for a set that sits in a nice silver base and features ornate silver lids.

Ceramic Canister Set

Ceramic kitchen canisters are growing in popularity, as they are now produced in a wide range of designs and themes. Many of the licensed characters from television and books have been turned into ceramic canisters for the kitchen. If you are decorating your kitchen in a nautical, or beach theme, you’ll find dozens of beach-inspired canister sets. You’ll find sunflowers, roosters, garden themes and just about any other nature-inspired theme for your canisters.

Of course, ceramic canisters don’t have to be fancy and theme-oriented. Try using a set of white ceramic canisters to tone down the cobalt blue tile in your new backsplash. Or unleash your decorating flair by choosing a red canister set to be the focal point in a black and white kitchen. Again, it’s important to remember that accent pieces should be just that – an accent – so a little red goes a long way.

Stainless Steel Canister Set

With every kitchen sporting spanking-new stainless steel appliances, it’s no surprise that stainless steel accent pieces continue to be popular. Because the stainless steel is such a neutral color, it’s actually hard to overdo it. A set of beautiful stainless steel canisters will play up the luster of the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, and they will coordinate well with any color of granite counter top. You really can’t go wrong with this choice.

Solid color canister sets are a great choice if your decorating scheme is busy or involves a lot of different patterns and textures. Red kitchen canisters are the most popular color choice for kitchen canisters, followed by black kitchen canisters, then white kitchen canisters and finally blue kitchen canisters. Of course, if your kitchen sports a very specific color palette, you may also opt for green, yellow, brown or orange kitchen canisters. It takes just the right kitchen decor to work with purple kitchen canisters, but they can provide just the right contrast with a primary color scheme of green or orange.

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