A Ceramic Canister Set Is The Perfect Kitchen Accent Piece.

Cooking is simply a lot more fun when you have a theme-inspired kitchen to work in. If you have chosen a very specific decorating theme for your kitchen, then a ceramic canister set is the perfect way to accent that theme. If you do a bit of looking around, you’ll soon find many different styles of ceramic canisters to choose from. You can choose from many different colors, patterns and themes. Most manufacturers of ceramic canister sets specialize in a specific design, so let’s take a quick look at the different options available to you.

Horchow canister sets are among the most famous. They are named after a town in Italy that is famous for its white clay canisters. But white canisters don’t have to be boring! The Horchow canisters have a distinctly old-world look, with lots of detail and intricate designs. The designs often feature shell and scroll work. The lids are always accented with a unique pull top that may be a special shape or figure. These white canisters are truly works of art, but they are still sturdy enough to be put in the dishwasher.

Toscana is another famous name in ceramic canister sets. Also made in Italy, these unique canisters are handpainted and made of ceramic with a glazed finish. If you have ever visited a specialy gift shop and drooled over the beautiful handpainted canisters, there is a good chance you were admiring the Toscana canisters. The most common design theme for Toscana is handpainted fruits and flowers. The designs are a bit busy and showy, and would look best in a kitchen with an old-world theme. If your kitchen is a more modern design, you would do better to consider a stainless steel canister set.

Pfaltzgraff canisters are some of the most popular ceramic canister sets in kitchen around the world. They offer a complete line of kitchen canister sets, ranging from a selection of fine china canisters, to a delightlfully whimsical collection of handpainted stoneware canister sets. Their Heritage collection is one of the more traditional designs, as it comes in pure white and sports very clean edged lines that match the Phaltzgraff line of Heritage dinnerware. But you are also likely to find the perfect themed canister for your , as Pfaltzgraff features such fun designs as sunflowers, fruits and vegetables in their line of ceramic canister sets.

For the budget-minded, Corelle makes a great set of ceramic kitchen canisters. Their designs tend to be a bit more simple than other famous-name manufacturers and most of their canisters are available in solid colors only. But solid colors may be a great choice if your kitchen decorating theme is a bit on the busy side. There are numerous choice available for red canister sets, which look great with a Mediterranian theme, or a black canister set which would coordinate beautifully with black and white tile floors and backsplash. Of course, another choice for a busy kitchen would be a plain glass canister set, which avoids the ornate designs and handpainting that usually come with ceramic canisters.

While many people associate an airtight canister with a cheap plastic container, most manufacturers of decorative ceramic cansiters will feature a line of airtight canisters. Rather than just placing the lid on top of th body of the canister, an airtight canister will create a vacuum seal between the lid and the canister itself, which keeps out moisture and air to help foods stay fresh longer. This airtight feature is avaialble in many different styles and brands of ceramic canister sets.

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