A Glass Canister Set Offers Function and Beauty to Any Kitchen.

One of the beautiful things about a glass canister set is the versatility it offers to your kitchen decorating scheme. While many people picture a very traditional glass canister design – the type reminiscent of apothecary jars – there are many new designs that are available, too. Let’s review a few of the popular brand names for glass canister sets and the how they might best fit into your own decorating theme.

Ball is a brand name that is famous for its canning jars. So as you might expect, Ball carries a very traditional line of glass canister sets and cookie jars. In fact, some of them even look like a canning jar, with a wide mouth opening, a decorative glass body andn a metal screw top. However, because of their jar-like design, these glass canisters run on the small side and would not be large enough for many typical uses of canisters. But if you have chosen a very authentic country theme for your kitchen, these glass canisters would blend in well with your other kitchen decor.

Libbey is another familiar name in kitchen accessories and they, too, offer a very traditional line of glass canisters. Even if you didn’t know the brand name, you have undoubtedly seen the famous Libbey line of square glass canisters. In addition to offering a very traditional look to your kitchen, these canisters also offer a tremendous amount of function. The square design makes them easy to “stack” side by side on the counter, taking up less counter space than round canisters. They also come with tight-sealing glass lids to keep out air and moisture (the enemies of fresh food!). And, of course, because the body of the canister is clear glass, it’s easy to see what is inside. This is big benefit over a stainless steel or ceramic canister set.

Pottery Barn offers an updated take on the traditional glass canister set. They carry their own PB line of glass canisters that resember an old fashioned apothecary jar, but with a squattier shape and more elegant lines. These glass canisters are hand blown by artisans in Poland, giving your canisters a distinctive pedigree. They run a bit on the small side, and might work better as bathroom accessories, but they could be adapted to the kitchen, as well.

Of course, not all glass canisters are clear glass. If your kitchen decor is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century Victorian homes, a set of cut glass canisters would be a stunning focal point. While the supply of cut glass canisters is dwindling, you may be able to find a set of green or blue glass canisters in an antique shop, or perhaps on Ebay. But be warned, because they are antique and in short supply, vintage glass canisters can be a bit pricey. You might expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for a set of three, if they are in excellent condition.

But if you are looking for a truly distinctive set of glass canisters that doesn’t break the bank, consider the glass canister set offered by Drake Designs. Their line of glass canisters resembles a tall apothecary jar in shape, topped by ornately detailed “silver” lids that are actually made from resin. The look is extremely traditional and would fit well in any kitchen where a stainless steel canister set just won’t do.

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