Red Kitchen Canisters

Red is the most popular choice for solid colored kitchen canister sets, with black kitchen canisters running a close second and white canister sets coming in a distant third. Perhaps the popularity of red canister sets is due to the fact that they can be used in such as wide range of design themes. Whether your kitchen d├ęcor is classic, retro or contemporary, red kitchen canisters can be the centerpiece of your kitchen design. Let’s take a look at each these three design schemes and examine how red canisters can be used in each.

Classic Kitchen Design

A classic kitchen is often based on a traditional black and white color palette, with white cabinets, black or white appliances and frequently a black and white tile floor. In a black and white kitchen design, a pop of color is needed to smooth the formal edges and lend a bit of whimsy to an otherwise stark color palette. Red kitchen canisters can provide exactly the right amount of color without detracting from the sophisticated appearance of a classic kitchen theme. In a truly vintage kitchen, an appropriate choice of accessories would include red glass kitchen canisters, which can either be antique or reproduction glass made to look vintage.

Retro Kitchen Design

If your kitchen pays homage to the now oh-so-popular mid-century kitchen designs, you may find your kitchen awash in color. A very fun retro kitchen theme plays off the appearance of the 1950’s diner, which is sometimes carried through in yellow but is more likely to feature red as the primary color in the kitchen. This look usually starts with a vintage red enamel table with chairs upholstered in red vinyl. Then red accessories take it from there. In addition to your red ceramic kitchen canisters, you’ll want to add a big red clock, red and white checked dishtowels, and even red-faced appliances such as a red blender and coffee-maker. The key to this all-red retro look is to make sure that the shades of red match across your kitchen. If your appliances are too orange, or your dish towels too pink, you’ll end up with a big mash of color that clashes across your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Red kitchen canisters can also play a starring role in a sleek modern kitchen design. Remember, a little stainless steel goes a long way, and then the eye is dying to drink in some color. So if your counter tops are concrete, your appliances stainless steel, and your cabinets a dark wood or metal finish, why not break up all of those dark dull colors will a spot of unexpected color? A red canister set can provide just the little pop of color you are looking for, and these days, you will find canisters in a variety of shapes and finishes. A set of square red kitchen canisters will look more contemporary than their round counterparts and will provide the clean site lines that mimic the clean lines of your modern kitchen.

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